Metal roof for concrete tank

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Concrete tank in Merselo, Holland

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Cladding works at one of the first biogas plants in Puerto Rico

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Cladding of a concrete digester in Bloye, South of France

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Belfaconstruct insulates 2 digesters at Lamballe in France

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SAB, a Tata Steel Enterprise and producer of the Pyramid profiles, praises the Antwerp East Port project (Groep Heylen): Architect Marie Wastiau designed, Belfaconstruct installed.

At Skogn in Norway we are on track to finish the site before the nordic winter

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New Biogas Plant in Grobbendonk. 15 Concrete tanks.

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Status of the Skogn project in Norway: First tanks out of 15 are ready

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Evian-Les-Bains, France: Building, Insulating and Cladding of concrete tanks

Evian lucht
Belfa Norway contracted the insulation and cladding works of 15 steel tanks in Skogn. Start date: February 2017!

New tank at Mc Cain Lelystad

Snow doesn't stop Belfa

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Cladding project in Grobbendonk, Belgium. Client is Group Heylen, developing Antwerp East Port as an hub for the fashion industry. Belfaconstruct installs the design cladding of this modern building developed by Wastiau.

Groep heylen
Biogas Plant Longbelt Farm: cladding of 2 digesters, Ø 33m each.

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We are currently building at the Mc Cain production sites in Harnes (France) and Lelystad (The Netherlands).

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Currently we are finishing the insulation of 6 steel tanks in Locminé, France.

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The Bergheim Biogas Plant has officially being opened. Belfaconstruct insulated 4 digesters at this plant, one of the biggest in the region. The mayor of Bergheim and representatives of regional agricultural organizations took part in the ceremony held in the heart of the Rhineland’s lignite-mining district. The facility has a thermal capacity of 7.4 megawatts and is designed to feed in up to 700 cubic meters of biogas into the Thyssengas gas grid. A total of €13 million has been invested in the plant.

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